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In partnership with Microsoft Office 365

One of the biggest issues we deal with at CTA Systems is email matters and out of date or unofficial Office Packages which are now causing problems, with Office 365 Business Premium and all of these problems disappear!

Many users associate Office 365 with simply getting the latest version of Office, however it is far more than that, the version we supply and support is much more than the home user version which does just that, these are usually subscriptions varying from £59/£5.99 Per Month to £79/£7.99 Per Month, we do not supply these versions.

We provide a complete system which of course gives you the latest version of Office with all of the features, plus Professional Business mailboxes from 1 User to Many!

Some of the features included are:

Latest Full Business Office Suite 5 PC’s/Mac, 5 Tablets, 5 Phones
Focused Inbox (Sorts emails not seen as spam into a section for emails not urgent)
Mass reduction in spam
Business Mailbox 50GB vs Most Mailboxes of 5GB
1TB Online Storage Each – Simple for sharing files
Microsoft Teams & Skype For Business
Real-Time emails same wherever you go on any device
Collaborative File Access – You and your staff can work on files at the same time anywhere!
Professional Business Signatures
Shared Mailboxes no extra cost

Please see the video below for more information on Office 365


We also now offer Microsoft Office 365 Secure – A unique package designed to protect your business preventing phishing spam, spoof, malware, ransomware emails and backup everything you have within Office 365. – Click Here for more information