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Self Help Section

In this section you'll find some frequently asked questions related to some of the most common problems people encounter, if you can't find the answer you're looking for then just call one of our experts!

Depending if it is a laptop or a desktop the first thing to check is your cables, make sure that they are all firmly secured, if this does not work and your system is a laptop try removing the power cable and removing the battery for 5 minutes, re-seat the battery and try again, if your system is a desktop make sure that your reset button is not stuck in.

The first thing to try when this happens is to restart your router, this often fixes the issue, simply switch off your computer and then switch off your router, wait a couple of minutes and then restart the router, wait a few more minutes and restart your computer, if this does not resolve your issue, simply get in touch with us.

A blue screen can mean many things unfortunately, however some of them look far more serious than they are, there is no simple one fix does all for this, get in touch with us and we will see what we can do to get you back up and running.

Some websites have pop-ups built into them and there is nothing that can be done apart from advert blockers which can be more trouble elsewhere, it is possible that you may have malware or a virus, run a full scan with your system and if the problems keep occurring then get in touch.

Depending on how the data was lost, it is possible it may be recoverable, please get in touch so we can help

This we are sure you will know is not ideal, the first thing to do is not turn the laptop on!, turn it upside down to allow any water to come out of the system, do not place the laptop on a radiator or heat source, this will cause further damage, leave the system at least 3 days and try it with battery only.

There are many reasons that a printer will not print, connectivity is the number 1 issue, if you are using USB disconnect and re-connect the cable, if you are using wifi and have changed your router recently you will need to re-configure your printer to your new network.

We are system security experts and see this issue day in, day out, and one of the most common things we hear is “My Antivirus is perfect, I have never had a virus” our simple response is that your antivirus may just have never detected them, we would suggest a full service of your machine to establish the status of your system & data.