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As good as Office 365 is, it is not as secure as you may believe. It doesn’t back up critical data or provide enough protection against advanced cyber-attacks. With Office 365 Secure

Defending your business against spear-phishing attacks and sophisticated malware with Vade Secure, while automatically backing up their mailbox data in the fully-encrypted Acronis Cloud. It’s purposefully built to enhance protection, ensure compliance and maintain company reputation – without compromising user productivity. When you use Office 365 Secure, you are automatically using the best protection on the market.

Some of the features included are:

Latest Full Business Office Suite 5 PC’s/Mac, 5 Tablets, 5 Phones
Focused Inbox (Sorts emails not seen as spam into a section for emails not urgent)
Mass reduction in spam

Vade Secure Protection (Defends against advanced spearphishing,
malware and ransomware
attacks with global threat intelligence
to predict zero-day threats. Bolts
onto Exchange Online Protection.)

Acronis Mailbox & Onedrive Backup (Unlimited backup storage with
agentless, cloud-to-cloud daily
backups. All data is fully encrypted
in transit and at rest, with
point-in-time mailbox restoration.)

Business Mailbox 50GB vs Most Mailboxes of 5GB
1TB Online Storage Each – Simple for sharing files
Business Sharepoint, (Shared Areas for different departments)
Microsoft Teams & Skype For Business
Real-Time emails same wherever you go on any device
Collaborative File Access – You and your staff can work on files at the same time anywhere!
Professional Business Signatures
Shared Mailboxes no extra cost