Computer Repair for Business

If your system has developed a fault, we can usually resolve the problem.

PC & laptop repairs in your business.

If your system has developed a fault, we can usually resolve the problem. These can be computer issues such as hard drive failure (resulting in data recovery if needed), memory failure, power supply failure, motherboard failure and many more.

Data Recovery

Saving your files

This is one computer issue we see all too often. It might be a simple problem such as a corrupt operating system and you can’t access your data, or a major problem like the hard drive read heads have collapsed and possibly damaged the data.

These are just some of the kinds of data recovery we can assist with. There are no guarantees with data recovery but it is an area in which we are highly recommended by many customers. After recovering your data we will also advise on how best to backup your data in the future to prevent future issues.

In most cases CTA Systems can recover data from the following media:

  • Computer Hard Drives
  • USB Pen Drives – Even damaged USB Pens (Snapped etc)
  • Compact Flash
  • SD Cards
  • and many more…

Virus Removal

Believe it or not a new virus is released on average every 30 Seconds

Yes you read that right, these are pretty scary statistics and no “We don’t know why people do it”. It’s very annoying for everyone who has the unfortunate encounter with one, the definition of a virus is below.

If you should be affected by a computer virus, we can help. Simply contact us and we will do everything we can to make sure that your data is safe and backed up and also remove the virus.

Oh and one last thing, “DONT THROW YOUR COMPUTER AWAY IF YOU GET A VIRUS”. Its amazing how many users believe that a virus means the death of their computer, this is simply not the case.

  • We can remove viruses on PC
  • We can install antivirus software to protect
  • We can offer periodic health checks

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