CTA Systems Care Plans

Care Plans For Business & Residential

One of the most popular services we offer at CTA Systems is our Care Plans, this gives the user or users full support throughout the year, so if you are having difficulties with your system we can quickly remote in and take a look, 95% of issues can be resolved with a quick call to us on 0333 241 2336 or Contact Us Here.

We have two options for our care plans.

Option 1 Care Plan Standard

Telephone Support
Remote Support
Priority Email support
Next Annual service included

Option 2 Care Plan Advanced

All in option 1 included + Additional Below

Remote monitoring
Advance warning on component issues by actively checking continuously, such as hard drive issues, temperature warnings, disk usage warnings, failing components, we will usually get in touch with you before you realise there is an issue, Proactive rather than Re-Active

Patch management

Rather than waiting for your computer to be updated by Microsoft our system pushes critical updates to your system twice weekly.
I.T. Automation – for example if your hard drive is filling up were are alerted and automation kicks in and performs disk cleanups etc, that is just one automation as an example.

Monthly Reporting

You will be sent a monthly report of your system(s) so you have the peace of mind knowing all is ok.

This has proven to be extremely advantageous over the past few months with clients as we have detected a number of issues and resolved them before they got worse.

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If you would like to know more about our care plans for Home & Business – Please just get in touch on 0333 241 2336 or Contact Us Here