Organic seo 

Getting your business found without paying £500 – £1000 Per Month!


Finding the correct keywords for your website is unique to your business – we have methods that can help with this.


All of our sites are hosted on Business Level Servers which are run over many servers meaning we can provide 99.9% Uptime

site speed

All of our client sites are optimised to the best for their speed, which is crucial in SEO

At CTA we are providing Organic SEO services, this means unpaid Google Advertising, AdWords can be very expensive and sometimes for the smaller business it’s nice to be found from a simple google search, basically what this means is that whenever you search for something on google and let’s be honest you skip past the “Ad” links, everything then is organic which means what people are really searching for.

We suggest that you write down what you would like people to search for, for example you need to start with long tail keywords such as “20cm Disco Ball with wire” – of course we understand that you want to rank on page one of google for “Disco Ball” but that comes much later.

Lets us do what we do and we will have you ranking higher as quickly as we possibly can for a price that does not cost thousands per month!

Organic SEO stands for “Organic Search Engine Optimization.” It’s the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, without paying for advertising.

Think of it like planting a garden. You want your website to grow and be healthy, so you take steps to make sure it’s attractive to search engines. Just like with a garden, there are a lot of factors that go into making sure your website is thriving, including the type of content you have on your site, how you structure your pages, and how other websites link to your site.

By taking the time to make sure your website is healthy and attractive to search engines, you increase the chances that people will find you when they search for keywords related to your business or industry. And just like with a garden, it takes time to see results. But with patience and effort, you can reap the rewards of having a well-optimized website that attracts visitors and drives growth for your business.

sylvia rice

Left us a 5 star review

I think I might have gone crazy without Will's help today, can not thank him enough

sylvia rice 29 May 2020

Will was a really nice guy, He sorted out my PC for me. Cleaned the inside of the case (spotless) and sorted out a bunch of viruses for me, would very much recommend.

Paul O'hare 21 September 2018

Prompt attention, very helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend.

Pauline Heuston 30 May 2022

Called for some advice and to enquire of service recently. Spoke to Will, he was so helpful and educated, answered all my questions and just overall a really lovely experience! Would 100% recommend them and will definitely use them in the future!

Really reliable service!

Holly Cannon 26 November 2020

Will did an excellent job on my computer, after my hard drive had failed. He also was very knowledgeable and informative on various other aspects such as security, computer viruses, and backup services, and I would highly recommend CTA Systems to anyone who has a computer problem in all areas of the north-west.

Stuart Gilchrist 1 April 2015

Absolutely pleased by this husband and wife team. Nothing is to much trouble ,would use them again and highly recommend William to everyone who needs help with IT! Thank you for your help today!

donna winders 11 October 2021
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