As our title says, we really do provide “Everything I.T.” That includes Web Domains, Hosting & Design

Check Out Our New Websites Designed Recently! – You can watch the video below for a quick preview and more information is below! – More Info

On The Edge – Motorcycle Stunt Show

We were commissioned to do a complete new site design for On The Edge Motorcycle Stunt Show – which we were very excited to do, the owner Dec Bullock was extremely pleased with the outcome. We incorporated Chat, Gallery, Videos & SEO

ReUpholstery Rapid

This client Bobby Fitzpatrick had been messed about by designers in the past, we offered to build a brand new website and incorporate a full gallery, chat, professional forms and SEO all for a very affordable cost.

dkg electrical services

We were commissioned to provide a website for DKG Electrical Services, the owner Drew Gosney was very pleased with the outcome and is reaping the benefots of the Gallery, Reviews, Chat and much more

wilburn accountancy

We were asked to design a simple but effective website for Wilburn Chartered Accountants, some of the graphic design was done by a third party, and we built the website, one very happy client.

cheshire office design

One of our clients who have been with us for years needed a brand new website building, we did this again on a budget for the client and included SEO, Chat, Gallery and much more.

Let’s be honest, the best person to describe your business is you! – we can make your page look all pretty, but at the end of the day, what we need is content, because without that your site will not be found, so many users focus on the colours, pictures and “can you just shift that to the right” but the potential clients searching for the service you provide really do not pay that much attention, as long as your site is professional and you provide what they need then there is a high chance it will lead to a sale or purchase, that is where SEO Management comes in.


WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that can be used to create and manage websites. A WordPress web design service would involve using WordPress to create and design a website for a client.

The service would typically start with a consultation to understand the client’s needs and goals for their website. This might include information about the target audience, the type of content that will be on the website, and any specific features or functionality that the client is looking for.

Once the consultation is complete, the designer would start to design the layout and overall look of the website. This would involve choosing a theme, which is a pre-designed template that can be customized to create the overall look and feel of the website. The designer would then customize the theme to match the client’s brand and style, and add any necessary functionality, such as forms, e-commerce functionality, or contact forms.

The next step would be to add content to the website, such as text, images, and videos. The designer would work with the client to ensure that the content is high-quality, relevant and optimized for search engines.

Once the website is complete, the designer would test it to ensure that it is fully functional and visually appealing. This would involve checking that all links work, forms are submitting properly and the website is optimized for speed and mobile devices.

Finally, the designer would provide training to the client on how to use WordPress to manage and update the website. This would include how to add and edit content, how to use the dashboard and how to manage users.

Overall, a WordPress web design service would involve using WordPress to create and design a website that meets the client’s needs and goals. It would involve choosing a theme, customizing it to match the client’s brand, adding functionality and content, testing the website and providing training on how to manage it.

sylvia rice
sylvia rice

Left us a 5 star review

I think I might have gone crazy without Will's help today, can not thank him enough

sylvia rice 29 May 2020

Will was a really nice guy, He sorted out my PC for me. Cleaned the inside of the case (spotless) and sorted out a bunch of viruses for me, would very much recommend.

Paul O'hare 21 September 2018

Prompt attention, very helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend.

Called for some advice and to enquire of service recently. Spoke to Will, he was so helpful and educated, answered all my questions and just overall a really lovely experience! Would 100% recommend them and will definitely use them in the future!

Holly Cannon

Really reliable service!

Holly Cannon 26 November 2020

Will did an excellent job on my computer, after my hard drive had failed. He also was very knowledgeable and informative on various other aspects such as security, computer viruses, and backup services, and I would highly recommend CTA Systems to anyone who has a computer problem in all areas of the north-west.

Absolutely pleased by this husband and wife team. Nothing is to much trouble ,would use them again and highly recommend William to everyone who needs help with IT! Thank you for your help today!

donna winders 11 October 2021
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